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Kansas City School of Phlebotomy offers career assistance services to graduates at no additional cost because we believe that alumni shouldn't be on their own as they begin to navigate the waters of gaining employment in the field of healthcare.

Whether you are seeking your first job in the medical field or are switching areas of practice after completing a program at KCSP, our experienced team can counsel you or help you get started in the right direction. While no school can guarantee employment, KCSP is committed to doing everything we can for graduates. Below you find the career assistance services and alumni resources offered by KCSP. If you can't find what you're looking for, we encourage you to contact us so we can help further.


Having a clean, accurate, and comprehensive resume is one of the most important aspects of the job-seeking journey because a resume is the first impression an employer will get of you as a student, professional, and employee. For this reason, KCSP offers a professional-grade resume review service to graduates of any program. We highly recommend using this service because it often makes the difference for graduates who were previously struggling in their job search. This is the first step of seeking assistance in making your career goals a reality.

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While not all employers choose to hire staff directly through KCSP, we are able to host a job board with featured opportunities and for employers who have requested KCSP graduates directly. We strongly recommend utilizing the KCSP Resume Review Service prior to utilizing the job boards.

Employment in these positions is not guaranteed and job postings are offered as a service. KCSP reserves the right to remove postings at any time or decline to recommend a graduate if grades, documentation behavior, or skills are not well-matched to employer expectation.

Career Counseling is available to all graduates of KCSP and is an optional service that may be completed at the time of graduation or any time thereafter.

All Career Counseling services are offered in person in the Admissions and Advising offices of KCSP by appointment only. Graduates who are interested in setting up a career counseling appointment should call or email the office at least one week in advance to schedule their appointment. Students are expected to take advantage of the Resume Review service prior to making their career advising appointment.

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Transcripts are available to graduates by request for no cost.
Please note that Official Transcripts can only be sent to educational institutions, employers, or similar organizations. Students may request an Unofficial Transcript for personal use if necessary.

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Certificates are given to graduates at no cost at the time of graduation and can either be released to the student in person or mailed, depending on student needs and the program requirements. Replacement certificates can be issued at the cost of $5.00 per printing.

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