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Post a Job for KCSP Graduates

Many medical facilities find that KCSP alumni have become valuable members of their clinical teams and want to actively recruit graduates of KCSP's many allied health programs. If you have an open position that you would like to share with KCSP alumni on our exclusive job board, we are happy to help open that listing and manage applicants by performing pre-screenings based on their performance in class, their resume skills match to the posting, or whatever pre-interview screenings your facility would prefer.

Jobs can be left open on a rotating basis if you have a continous need or posted temporarily as you fill positions. We find that more alumni respond to postings when more information is available about the job, pay, and other details, but it is always up to you as a hiring site to list whatever information you feel is appropriate; you even have the option to decline disclosure of your facility's name if that is preferable for your hiring department.

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