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Career Counseling for KCSP Alumni

After years of helping students find their career path, KCSP is ready to help you. While no school can guarantee employment, we want to do everything we can to supplement the efforts of our graduates as they search for their first job in the healthcare field. Our career counseling services focus on helping graduates understand where to look for and find positions that match their skills, how to navigate online application systems, how and when to apply for jobs based on posted requirements. We're also happy to look over the resume, cover letter, or personal statements you have been using and providing feedback on possible barriers to your success in the job application process.

We know that finding and applying for jobs can be hard work, and while we can't replace dedicated efforts, we strive to help graduates make the most of the time and energy they put into applying for jobs by providing guidance. Students are encouraged to utilize the resume review service available to graduates before seeking career counseling because KCSP believes the first step to finding a great job is having a great resume. We find that the majority of students are able to be successful in their job search without a career counseling appointment, but the process is not the same for any two KCSP alumni and we understand if this process has been more challenging for you, and we're here to help by providing counseling services including:

  • Strategic Job Search Strategies
  • Matching Your Skills and Strengths to Jobs
  • Presenting a Complete Application
  • Interview Tips and Good Follow Up
  • Using Resumes and Cover Letters to your Advantage

KCSP wants to see you succeed--let us know how we can help. Some students want to go straight into the job field while others are interested in pursuing additional education and need some help understanding the next steps toward a further career development pathway. Whatever your goals are, we are here to support you.

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